The Truth

I believe that it’s time for me to spill the truth, and let all the curious minds out there know what is actually happening and what isn’t. To believe lies is such an easy task, to make up lies is a much easier task. However not everyone understands how far these lies can go and how much it has affected me as an individual, as a woman matter of fact; who wants and should have her freedom in choosing over a wide range of decisions. Over the span of 6 months, I have met a few people, some of which I am too embarrassed to even acknowledge who they are.

One is due to their horrendous attitude. Two is the amount of respect they show when talking to people which is basically 0 amount of respect shown or given. Three is the fact that, that particular person can’t seem to accept the fact and move on that I have my own life to deal with rather than to feed on his petty desires thinking I would ever get back to such a selfish, cruel, callous and cunning boy like him. I’ve said it, boy, because you don’t even deserve the title to be a man.

I have never belonged to anyone, nor would I ever do unless I myself admit to it or even acknowledge the fact that I do. Stop believing all these petty lies which do more harm than good to anyone and even myself. Who the hell are you to even tell me or everyone else that I am off limits just because you are still cooped up in the fact that I will ever be yours? You know that it will never in a billion years will that ever happen. You have no one to blame but YOURSELF for not being able to move on with life and get over the fact that I am never ever ever ever going to love a person like you. Someone who’s behaviour already speaks who they really truly are. Someone who’s a nightmare for me to be with.

It pains me to see the one I love not being able to love me just due to your egoistic self who can’t seem to accept the deal that my heart belongs to someone else. It pains me to see the one I love feel as if this is a form of betrayal just because of YOU. If this is how you treat others, especially your friend, I’ll be absolutely appalled at how you’ll treat your future spouse. If you could try your best to try and ruin the happiness of others just for your mere pathetic sake, then you are nothing but one horrible human being. I don’t even want to call you human for your actions aren’t even humane, more of animalistic.

Due to your lies and selfish actions, now everyone thinks you’re right and we’re in the wrong. However, it’s more of the opposite way. It has been and it will always be your fault no matter what. It is not wrong to fall in love, however I feel that it has gone overboard if you can’t accept the fact and suck it up that not everyone is made for one another and thus you went on to another level to harass my life and the one I love.